Saturday, July 27, 2013

What's up Doc?!

These days there are so many platforms to interact with your customers, community, friends, family.. pretty much EVERYONE. It can be a stressful thing if you let it and sometimes you have to let go of certain things.  I'll let you in on a little secret.  This blog is one of those little things that get pushed aside, forgotten about or whatever. So if you're interested in what Lillea Maes has been up to lately find us over on our Facebook page ---
But, since I'm here now here's a peek at a few things we've worked on lately.

2.25 inch pocket mirrors ~ can be personalized!
Bridal Party & Guest Keepsake 16oz Tumbler(s)
Color Tumbler options available ~ Some colors not in stock but can be ordered
More 16oz Tumblers
Vinyl Car Decals
Rhinestone Decals ~ ready to apply
can be made into car decals too~
So, as you can see...we've been quite busy lately. :-)  But there's always room for more orders! Visit Lillea Maes on Facebook for more information on ordering, design options and to place an order for your ONE OF A KIND item.

Friday, April 12, 2013

What I've been up to lately....

12 hour shifts at the hospital supporting physicians on new software implementation x 5wks = R&R STAT!!  Here's what I've been working on since returning to normal 9-5 hours.

Cleaning ~ My house was sorely neglected and the cats started plotting world takeover by hoarding cat hair under everything!  I'm happy to report that the rogue cat hair has been contained and tensions have eased.  ;-)

Chalkboard Vinyl ~  A New, FUN product you can apply to any flat, smooth surface. Write messages, grocery lists, Honey do lists or really ANYTHING your pretty, little heart desires. Use regular chalk or a water-based chalk pen. Clean up is a cinch too, just use a damp towel and wipe away the old message(s).

You have a chance to win a 10x10 Chalkboard piece in the design as pictured below.

 16 oz Tumblers ~ 16 oz double-wall tumblers (shown in clear) can be personalized with pretty much any image, saying, and/or name.

Easter Buckets ~ Personalized, reusable containers; I made these for my nieces, nephews and granddaughter. They can use them as trash cans or to store toys and help keep their rooms clean. Love & miss those youngens ;-)


2 1/2" Pocket Mirrors (ready to be personalized!) ~ Brand new product offering for Lillea Mae's! Image shows current designs but the possibilities are limitless. We can use a picture such as a pet, your engagement photo and wedding date to be used as Save the Date announcements.
Visit & Like Lillea Mae's on Facebook to see more pictures and to contact us to help create your one-of-a-kind personalized item.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Catching Up

Super busy doesn't begin to explain what the last 5 weeks have been like. However, I did find some time to create a few things.  ;-)

Personalized 12oz Tumblers

Easter buckets for my granddaughter, niece & nephew
Personalized 12x12 Floating Frame; Intricate Monogram, last name and "established" year
Join us on Facebook to see more pictures of items we've done lately and to contact us for more information on availability and pricing! You can find a link to Lillea Mae's on Facebook to the left.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

It's December?!!

Wowies! Where has the time gone? I have so much gift shopping to do it isn't even funny. Normally I don't stress over the holiday but time is tight this year since we're headed to TX Dec 12 - 17 for my Drew & Jen's college graduation from Texas Tech. GUNS UP! I think my stress is, of course, self made LOL but moreso the fact that the gifts may not make it before Christmas. eh...whatcha gonna do?

But, it's such an exciting time!! Curtis & Lillea (yes!! THE Lillea...namesake of this site *grin*) will be flying down on the 13th - Mom, Jer & I arrive the 12th.I haven't seen my precious GD in about a year (in person). I can't wait to hug and kiss her and never let her go. Not too many activities planned...think we're just going to 'wing it' and see what pans out.  Drew & Jen are also VERY busy! Not only are they graduating (14/15) but they're looking for a place to live in Houston as Drew just accepted a job. Fresh outta college & he lands an awesome job. That's my boy! :) <3  PLUS... they're planning a wedding for August 2013. *phew*

Are you exhausted yet? Because I sure am just thinking about everything that is going on. And, here I am worried about not having much Christmas shopping done. You cards are looking mighty awesome this year! LOL

So really...if I put things in perspective it isn't that bad. Thankfully, I took a lesson from my Grandma Margaret and started a gift closet. It helps for the youngens but will need to pick up a few things here & there for the 'adult kids'.

If you're feeling the stress too...take a step back, look at the loving family/friends around you and take a deep breath. I'm taking my own advice today.  Because, even if you cannot find the perfect gift, it's the memories made by spending time with friends and family that make the season special. :)

We here at Lillea Mae's wish you a wonderful Holiday Season ~ whichever one you celebrate.
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